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Former Bengal Carson Palmer was freed by the team yesterday when it traded him to the Oakland Raiders for two draft picks. Palmer had threatened to retire his he wasn't traded, and the Bengals secured a considerable package of picks in return: the Raiders' first-round pick next year and either a first- or second-round pick in 2013, depending on the team's performance with Palmer.

CityBeat's Halloween beat writer Jeff Beyer wrote a tale of horror and redemption for this week's issue, which just so happens to involve a once-cherished hero (Palmer) returning to wreak havoc on the city for confining him: The Pantom of Paul Brown Stadium: a Love Story. —-

The Flynt brothers are back in federal court. Thanksgiving isn't going to be fun at their house.

If you're near Zanesville, Ohio during the next few days, be advised that there's a mountain lion and grizzly bear on the loose. An owner of a wild animal preserve reportedly set a bunch of animals free and then committed suicide. Police are looking for the animals.

A Columbus bar owner's fight against Ohio's smoking ban is heading to the Ohio Supreme Court. Good luck with that, Zeno's Victorian Village.

The owner of Zeno's Victorian Village in Columbus challenged the law after the tavern was cited for violations and fined $33,000. It argues the law is unconstitutional.

An appeals court upheld enforcement of the law, saying there was overwhelming evidence that Zeno's owners intentionally violated the ban. That decision reversed a lower court's ruling that tossed the violations and said the state health department exceeded its authority by holding Zeno's responsible for the actions of its patrons.

Ohio is experiencing heavy early voting, probably largely Democratic, which is why Republicans are trying to restrict voting rights.

This report from yesterday's GOP debate in Las Vegas says, “the seven Republican presidential candidates on the stage during the CNN debate in Las Vegas Tuesday slapped, swatted, slashed, jabbed, picked, and poked at each other for two hours. As might be expected, most of the emerged bloodier and more ragged than when they walked in.”

A new study has found that people with lots of Facebook friends have areas of the brain larger than those of users with fewer friends. Swelling?

Social Security's Good News, Bad News: The Ticker

The World Series begins tonight. It's fun watching baseball in the cold — that's why it's called the Fall Classic. Here's video highlights of the Brooklyn Dodgers' first World Series championship, two years before moving to Los Angeles.

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