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Vice President Joe Biden visited Cincinnati during the Labor Day Weekend, arguing that organized labor and the American middle class are under the most direct assault in generations, while local Republicans enjoyed the fireworks for their irony. Video here. —-

NPR offers this explanation of President Obama's best hope for explaining the job crisis to sensitive Americans. Fox News published this weird rant about it. Meanwhile, Mitt Romney's economics team is apparently being led by a bunch of Bush officials.

Apple employees recently aided police in a search of a San Francisco home thought to be housing a lost iPhone prototype. Doesn't really sound like a “horrific labor practice,” maybe just kind of annoying.

The Enquirer's Sept. 2 crime stat story suggesting that downtown is safer than it was 10 years ago is still on the paper's homepage, stirring thoughtful debate like this comment from Kuhlmann84:

I would like to thank the city of Cincinnati for pushing every black/white/Hispanic person on government assistance in to the "burbs." You have single handily ruined multiple communities because you thought it would be better if you just made it someone else s (sic) problem. Your city is becoming safer because you are making the communities around your "wonderful" city a terrible place to live ... For all you people that want to comment in rebuttal to what I have stated. Try not to bring up the incomes in those communities and recent statistics because before the garbage moved into those communities I assure you they were much higher.

And this one from john3314, who presumably banged his opinion out on a smartphone with really small keys:

Downtown sucks,parking sucks,attractiveness sucks, The police dont stop crime (no money and no jail space)However you have a beer and ge in your car youll get a dui,The mayor says it safe and has a bodyguard this city is a joke..

NASA is launching some moon probes that apparently are going to measure gravity by chasing each other in circles.

This headline might be a little over the top, but it sounds funny that way: “America to the World: We Want Everything — If You Stand in the Way We'll Kill You.

A performer named Adele is being interviewed a lot, offering insightful details about her lifestyle such as: "I puke quite a lot before going on stage." No barf here:

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