Morning News and Stuff

Oct 20, 2011 at 12:01 pm

Approximately 50 Occupy Cincinnati protesters attended yesterday's City Council meeting to testify against Piatt Park's 10 p.m. closing time. Negotiations between the city and protesters is ongoing, according to reports, but no agreement was made yesterday after protesters turned down an offer of a new place to stay overnight and the city declined to let the group stay in the park under new restrictions.

Councilman Chris Bortz and Councilwoman Leslie Ghiz, both of whom have connections to property along the park, have brought up the possibility that if protesters aren't removed that someday the city will have to let the Ku Klux Klan camp out. Ghiz yesterday was criticized by protesters for posting on Facebook the private information of two people who wrote emails criticizing her (more on that here). CityBeat reflected on the situation again here.—-

It's probably unrelated to City Council's opinions on Occupy Cincinnati, but a new Enquirer poll shows Cincinnatians generally disapproving of the job Council is doing.

Amid all the Wall Street drama, Fifth Third Bancorp made $373 million in profits during the third quarter.

State Republicans are planning to delay next March's federal primaries after Democrats successfully declared horseshit on their redistricting map. Ohio could end up with two sets of primaries next year, with the possibility of the GOP congressional map being subject to a voter referendum.

Gov. John Kasich will lead an SB 5 rally in Sharonville on Saturday. Meanwhile, the police officer that Kasich called an “idiot” is going to vote against SB 5 and referred to it as “a slap in the face for all firefighters, all police officers, all teachers, who are out there on a daily basis teaching your children, protecting your lives.”

Here's an interesting story for all the racists personal responsibility preachers out there. According to a new study by the University of Chicago:

People in poorer neighborhoods face a higher risk of becoming overweight because they may not have the resources to maintain a healthy weight, including access to grocery stores that offer healthy fare such as fresh fruits and vegetables. They may also lack safe places where they can engage in physical activity.

Here's some crap about the Republican presidential debates:

Debates have had consequences this time around

Rick Perry's Texas-Sized Problem

Does Herman Cain support abortion rights?

Campaign ad barrage begins with Paul

This guy says that if you have an iPhone 4 you shouldn't rush to upgrade to the 4S unless you're desperate for under-the-hood changes or want to switch carriers.

Lindsay Lohan got tossed back in jail yesterday for reportedly “blowing off nine court-ordered sessions of community service at a women’s shelter.” Sad stuff.

The St. Louis Cardinals took Game 1 of the World Series last night. Those bastards are going to win it.

Use of antidepressants is up 400 percent since 1988. The world is too scary.