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Bengals wide receiver Jerome Simpson has some explaining to do after being caught yesterday receiving a shipment of 2.5 points of weed to his home. Authorities found another 6 pounds inside the Crestview Hills house, which Simpson owns. Here's how the incident will affect your fantasy football team, should you have made the mistake of drafting Jerome Simpson.—-

The income gap between white and black families in the Cincinnati area is larger than the U.S. average. (Insert racist comment [here].) According to The Enquirer's Mark Curnutte (who formerly covered the Bengals beat but probably got tired of how dumb it was):

In the city, the median household income in 2010 for whites was $46,615 and $22,216 for blacks. In the county, the median household income was $53,967 for whites and $27,619 for blacks. The 2010 federal poverty level for a family of four was $22,050.

City Council yesterday approved $21 million in infrastructure work so there will be sidewalks and roads around the new casino. Chris Bortz was the only dissenter, but he also thinks it's cool to split 3's in Blackjack so no one was really surprised.

East Coast states are apparently very affluent. [Expletive] liberals.

In the meantime, Cincinnati and Cleveland are among America's poorest big cities.

Troy Davis was killed yesterday by the state of Georgia after the U.S. Supreme Court denied his latest request for a stay of execution. Davis, whose conviction of a 1989 murder has been doubted due to multiple witnesses changing their testimony or alleging that police coerced them, reportedly addressed the victim's family from the gurney, proclaimed his innocence and asked mercy for those about to kill him.

Why Obama and Warren Buffett are bros now.

So, NASA expects a satellite to fall from space one of these days onto Earth. But don't worry — it's not expected to smash into North America.

Annoyed with your new FaceBook layout? There will soon be an iPad app you can complain about. The company is going to meet with some developers and entrepreneurs this week to discuss creating more things for people to hate but still use all the time.

Apparently the world's largest sperm bank, Cryos International, in Denmark, has stopped requesting samples from redheads due to a lack of demand. I bet this Hoyt guy would be disappointed:

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