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LGBT supporter loses job, Terhar remains board president, local schools scrubbed data

click to enlarge Mike Moroski’s story is the latest in a series of firings by the Catholic Church over moral issues.
Mike Moroski’s story is the latest in a series of firings by the Catholic Church over moral issues.

A Purcell Marian High School administrator was


for declaring his public support for same-sex marriage. Mike Moroski, who was the assistant principal at the Catholic school, wrote about his support for LGBT equality on

his personal blog

. Following the blog post, Moroski claims he was given an ultimatum by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati to resign or recant his statements. CityBeat covered same-sex marriage and the amendment that could bring marriage equality to Ohio



A board vote failed to remove State Board of Education President Debe Terhar from her position. In response, Ohio Democrats

filed a lawsuit

seeking access to her cell phone and other records. Terhar has been receiving heavy criticism for a Facebook post that compared President Barack Obama to Adolf Hitler. CityBeat wrote about Terhar’s ridiculous Facebook post



Cincinnati Public Schools and Winton Woods City Schools were among nine city school districts found to be

scrubbing attendance data

by the state auditor. The school districts claim most the errors were simple mistakes, not intentional manipulation of data. Both the auditor and schools agree state policy is too confusing and must change.

The city of Cincinnati is beginning the process of sorting through construction bids for the streetcar. Three bids


from $71 million to $87 million have already come to light, according to The Cincinnati Enquirer . The bids could push up the price tag on the streetcar, but Meg Olberding, city spokesperson, cautions the process is barely starting. CityBeat covered the streetcar and how it relates to the mayor’s race



Cincinnati is speeding up the demolitions of condemned buildings this year, particularly buildings

near schools and family zones


A new report from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services


employment in the shale industry was up 17 percent in the first quarter of 2012. Critics caution the jobs aren’t worth the risks — pointing to a number of environmental and health concerns related to hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.” CityBeat wrote about fracking and its extensive problems



One in 25 students in Columbus schools

are restrained or secluded

. The state’s lax seclusion policies have been under heavy criticism in the past year following the discovery that school staff were using seclusion for convenience, not just to restrain students.

On Wednesday, Metro staff will be holding a security exercise meant to gauge counterterrorism capabilities. Metro bus service will not be affected.

The Horseshoe Casino

pays homage

to Liuzhou, China — Cincinnati’s sister city of 25 years.

The chief curator


from the Cincinnati Art Museum.

A Cincinnati woman

was charged

with helping her daughter beat up a student during a classroom brawl.

Curiosity is officially the first robot to

drill another planet

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