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A misleading advertisement by pro-SB 5 group Building a Better Ohio has been pulled from nearly 30 TV stations, including two in Cincinnati. Here's the original report about Building a Better Ohio splicing the an ad created by We Are Ohio. The Columbus Dispatch's “Ad Watch” had already designated the Building a Better Ohio version as “misleading” because Republican spending cuts are largely to blame for any firefighter layoff decisions local governments are facing.—-

The Enquirer today reported that County Commissioners have stopped a plan by city officials to use $3 million in sewer money to move some super-old pipes out from where the streetcar will be constructed. Streetcar planners say it's common for societies that build things to consider the future costs of fixing stuff underneath them, while streetcar opponents call any government spending they don't like taxation without representation:

“I’m against the streetcar, but nobody has ever asked me,” Barbara Holwadel, 53, of Madeira, told commissioners. “I never have gotten to vote on it, doesn’t look I will get to.

“So as far as I am concerned, if they start trying to go after money through my MSD bill that is taxation without representation.”

(When the rest of us get to start voting on the county's billions of dollars in highway funding you can vote on the $100 million streetcar. Plus you already did.)

Two weeks ago Ohio's new concealed carry law allowed gun owners to pack heat inside bars and restaurants that serve alcohol. Yesterday the state got to arrest its first gun-carrier for threatening to kill someone. Probably just an anomaly and won't cost the state tons of money in enforcement, prosecutions, jail space, lawsuits and deaths.

Supporters of the new law say it worked as intended in this case. They say O’Reilly will lose his concealed-carry permit and could face up to five years in jail if he is convicted of violating the new gun law – stiffer penalties than he would have faced under the old law.

“This fellow made a serious mistake,” said state Sen. Bill Seitz, R-Green Township, who supported changing the law. “Nothing in the law allows you to do anything other than carry a gun into an establishment if you have a permit.

“It does not give you license to brandish a gun and wave it around.”

Here's what happens when you invest resources in public schools with a long-term vision: “The addition of a School-Based Health Center at this high-poverty school five years ago has been the biggest contributing factor to the school's academic turnaround, said Principal Craig Hockenberry. It's often the only access to health care these students have. Having a clinic physically located in their school keeps them healthy, focused and in school.”

Is Herman Cain's 9-9-9 tax plan taking from the poor and giving to the rich? Probably. Is Cain second to Mitt Romney in the latest Republican polls? Yes.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has spread to England, where protesters are planning to occupy the London Stock Exchange.

Y'all still shouldn't be eating any cantaloupes.

Teenagers more often than ever are using condoms the first time they have sex, an increase of 9 percent over what the kids now in their late-20s did back in 2002.

The key to longevity lives inside the naked mole rat. So much for the Fountain of Youth.

The stars of the Footloose remake are defending it against everyone saying it sucks, which our guy did: “Someone should have stopped Craig Brewer's Footloose remake.” Ha.

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