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Bill Cunningham is still trying to do TV, even though he looks like a doll who's come to life to murder people. This report explains how his new spray tan, hair coloring and expensive suits have contributed.—-

President Obama will be in town this week to discuss the importance of the Brent Spence Bridge and the American Jobs Act. Hopefully he's prepared to hear from local Republicans about how they agree with him but think he's wrong.

Some Tea Party mope is going to challenge John Boehner in next year's Republican primary, planning to campaign on a single issue: Boehner’s backing of a federal budget that didn't completely crush Planned Parenthood, which he calls “the largest killer of unborn babies in America.”

Gov. John Kasich is continuing to make the government smaller. Hope everybody is enjoying their extra freedoms, especially the 2,958 workers he's fired.

Residents of the Anna Louise Inn have sued Western & Southern Financial Group, which has been trying to purchase/shut down the women's shelter so it can redevelop the Lytle Park neighborhood for rich people. From Fox 19:

The suit says that Western & Southern has "encouraged business entities and community organizations to oppose the Financing Subsidy of the Inn on the grounds that Anna Louise Inn is detrimental to the well being and development of downtown Cincinnati" and the company has "engaged in frivolous challenges to the approval by the Historic Review Board and has frivolously challenged the building permit for these renovations."

The city of Cleveland is buying guns from its residents, offering gift cards in exchange for weapons. This year's “gun buyback” collected 706 guns, more than the amount collected in any of the past three years.

Here's a brief electoral college education in the wake of Pennsylvania Republicans attempting to redefine how the process works.

How tablets will drive e-commerce. How Google will let you pay for stuff with your phone.

Online gamers were given a new 3D-model game (and several cases of Mountain Dew), and three weeks later have “untangled the structure of a key protein in the virus that causes AIDS, a mystery that has left scientists stumped for decades.” Nice work, nerds!

Here's what we thought about last week's season premiere of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. (B-)

And our rundown of cool things to do this fall, from the Cool Issue. More of such here.

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