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George Clooney's Cincinnati-set film, The Ides of March, opened the Venice Film Festival to at least a couple lukewarm reviews. This mope said it “starts out with crusading zeal, but feels a little commercial for an opening night slot at the Venice film festival,” while this pretentious bastard said “Ryan Gosling is back to his old mopey ways.” Wait, the second one is funny.—-

The city of Blue Ash paid $1,000 extra for a band not to perform at the Taste of Blue Ash over the weekend due to a contractual issue brought up by old-rocker Pat Benatar's people. Hope the Tea Party doesn't find out.

Bengal running back Cedric Benson is going to miss a few days of football practice because he's in the slammer in Texas serving a plea-bargained 20-day sentence after being accused of punching a bar employee last year. His lawyer expects him to only serve about a week due to good conduct and be back in plenty of time to lose to Cleveland Sept. 11.

Ford and Zipcar think college kids will enjoy renting a cool hybrid rather than trashing mom's Corolla every weekend. Bad move, Ford.

President Obama promised some veterans that he won't allow Congress to cut their benefits. Probably should apologize for the mopes even considering it.

Dick Cheney still think's he's right and everybody else is wrong, while an ex-Colin Powell aid says Cheney is just scared he's going to be prosecuted for war crimes.

Need to lose that belly fat? Try running around for a while.

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