Morning News and Stuff

May 25, 2011 at 11:07 am

President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron said in a joint appearance today that they would not stop laying in to Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi. Obama promised that “ultimately” Gadhafi would go. "I do think we have made enormous progress in Libya. We have saved lives. Gadhafi and his regime need to understand there will not be a letup in the pressure we are applying," Obama said. Cameron refused to acknowledge a reporter’s question about whether the UK would be providing air support to further strengthen the military mission in Libya but did say, "We should be turning up the heat in Libya," and vowed to look at "all the options" for doing so.—-

Ex-presidential candidate John Edwards may face jail time after the U.S. Department of Justice gave the green light to seek prosecution for allegedly violating campaign law while attempting to silence his mistress and mother of his “oops” baby, Rielle Hunter. Edwards, former exemplary bleeding heart, has been the subject of a two-year investigation into whether his political donors gave more than $1 million to Hunter to hide the affair as he pursued his place in the White House. The investigation has been made less complicated by Edwards’ ex-aide, Andrew Young, who has since written a tell-all book about Hunter’s sexual encounters with Edwards.

“She kissed him tenderly on the lips and prodded his American flag pin. ‘You couldn’t be more beautiful,’ he whispered into her ear as he began to nibble on the lobe. ‘And you couldn’t be more American, Johnny boy.’ ”

Not an actual excerpt from the book.

If you were driving down I-71 Tuesday night, you may have caught a glimpse of a dinosaur on fire. One of Kings Island’s robotic dinosaurs, a part of the new “Dinosaurs Alive!” attraction, caught fire during maintenance after the park’s closing. No one was hurt, according to spokesman Don Helbig, and the themed-attraction will still have its scheduled grand opening tomorrow.

NASA announced Tuesday that it has begun working on Orion, a new space capsule that will be able to take astronauts to asteroids as well as the moons of Mars. Orion was originally part of President George W. Bush’s Constellation program, which planned to return humans to the moon. President Obama, unimpressed, decided to scrap those plans and realigned the project so Orion would be used to carry four astronauts on 21-day missions outside Earth’s orbit. NASA is renaming Orion the Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle, presumably because “Orion” is too flashy. About 750 Lockheed Martin employees are working on the project that has so far cost NASA around $5 billion

The Miami Heat are all but in the NBA finals after their 101-93 overtime demolition of the Chicago Bulls. LeBron James scored 35 points for the Heat while Derrick Rose scored a measly 23. "We know offensively, at times, we have rough stretches," James said. "But we give ourselves chances to win every game because we defend.” The Heat travel to Chicago for the clincher tomorrow where they can make it to their first finals trip since 2006.

The Reds halted their slide into shittyness with a 6-3 road win against the Phillies last night. Jay Bruce hit a tie-breaking, three-run double in the ninth to snap the Reds’ six-game losing streak.