Morning News and Stuff

Jul 6, 2011 at 1:10 pm

President Barack Obama will field a handful of Twitter queries in the first-ever White House town hall later this afternoon. Officials say the event is the latest attempt by the administration to use social networking to directly communicate with the public, bypassing the media. However, journalists will filter the questions.—-

You too can partake in the 140-character question and limitless answer session at #AskObama. What’s next, a YouTube town hall meeting? I’m terrified of the future.

The White House said it doesn’t expect to finalize a deal on the debt ceiling this Thursday when Obama and top lawmakers meet for talks. "I don't anticipate any final decision or deal, no, to be reached tomorrow," White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters on Wednesday. "It will require further meetings." And that’s all Reuters has to say about that.

Republican front-runner Mitt Romney announced that his campaign had raised $18.25 million, more than quadruple what his closest primary competitor raised, in three months through June. The fundraising figures come with the news that Romney took first place in the latest poll in New Hampshire, home of the first primary election.

Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) and Rep. Jerry Weller (D-Ill.), whose lovechild is the Fostering Connections and Increasing Adoptions Act of 2008, are unhappy that Michele Bachmann doesn’t get more involved in adoption issues. Bachmann gave a brief and moving account to McDermott’s committee of her difficulties finding a quality education for her 23 foster children. Bachmann references her children individually during speeches and debates (without having to make sure she’s got the names right by reading her hand), but McDermott says, “Talk is easy — I generally try and measure people's behavior in terms of what they actually do and I haven't seen a lot. This is not an easy area, but it's certainly one where an awful lot of people have done very positive things."

This isn’t really news, but Jay Leno is not funny. Last night Leno tried to force a chuckle out of his crowd with jokes about the Casey Anthony trial. “It was so hot today, people were as delirious and incoherent as a Florida jury … This [verdict] means President Obama’s economic team is only the second most clueless group of people in America.” The joke was met with silence from the Tonight Show audience. Leno turned to his band and asked if the mike was off and repeated the joke, thus forcing a chuckle.

You can read a feature about Tyrone Curry, the Evergreen High School custodian who won the Washington State Lottery five years ago, on His wife, Michelle had his winning ticket — worth, “I don't know,” she said when she called him. “It’s got a three, a four and too many zeroes. I can’t count that high.” $3,410,000. Curry has continued working as a school janitor after winning the lottery but no one kicks over his mop water bucket anymore.

If I had a million dollars … I’d still write this blog.