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All 36 Republican presidential nominees during a TV debate last night decided to lay in to President Barack Obama instead of one another. Michele Bachmann told the President he was “history” and a one-term president. Other highlights of the debate include: Tim Pawlenty and Michele Bachmann being two seconds away from going all Marquess of Queensberry on stage, Ron Paul suggesting Iran be allowed nuclear weapons and the crowd booing after Bachmann was asked if she is a “submissive wife” by conservative columnist Byron York.—-

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough took to slating Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas) who this weekend is expected to make public his intent to run for president. Scarborough said, “Maybe I’ve got a total blind spot on guys that look like Josh Brolin imitating George W. Bush,” referencing Oliver Stone’s W.

After he was done making a mockery of Perry’s chiseled jaw line, he touched on his praying practices and his hunting, saying, “Jesus never shot a coyote in Reno just to watch it die.” There’s a video with all of this shit here.

Mother Jones magazine yesterday revealed that Michele Bachmann has starred in a movie titled Guinea Pig Kids II. The movie is all about how public education in America would spark the second Holocaust.

Apparently a Fox and Friends guest commentator introduced as “chief meteorologist at WeatherBell” didn’t go to high school. At least not to physics class.

Ex-judge, Mark A. Ciavarella, Jr., yesterday was sentenced to 28 years in federal prison after he was found guilty on the charges of racketeering, conspiracy, fraud and filing false tax returns. Ciavarella, with the help of other conspirators awaiting sentencing, sold thousands of children to private detention centers for minor or questionable charges.

The Fox News panelists on the program Red Eye called children appearing in a commercial “dorks” and “bastards.”

A tentative final track listing for Tha Carter IV (slated for an Aug. 29 release) has been revealed.

The Reds last night beat the Colorado Rockies 2-1 despite Jhoulys Chacin’s resurgence after giving up two first inning runs.

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