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British Prime Minister David Cameron gave rioters a stern warning while addressing Parliament today. "To the lawless minority, the criminals who have taken what they could, we will hunt you. … We will punish you," he said. Cameron says he will take “uncompromising measures” to find these criminals, such as blocking Twitter, blocking text messages and banning masks.

#nolongerabletotweetaboutmylooting @sadface—-

Republican candidates successfully retained four seats in the Wisconsin state senate, holding Democratic gains to only two seats. "Voters gave us a mandate last fall," John Hogan, executive director of the Committee to Elect a Republican Senate told The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "They backed us up again [Tuesday]. Voters told us loud and clear, 'Stay the course. Things are working.’”

On Thursday’s Fox & Friends, 2011 Miss America Teresa Scanlan slammed the Newsweek cover featuring Michele Bachmann, calling it sexist. “Newsweek has had other candidates and they haven’t agreed with [them],” Scanlan said. “They had Rush Limbaugh on the cover. They had former candidates Huckabee and McCain on their covers. And whenever they have a male on the cover, even if they don’t agree with them, as far as policy goes, they portray them in a serious light. They take them seriously and they portray them in a positive light.

“And then as we saw two years ago with the Sarah Palin cover in her running shorts, and … Michele Bachmann. They simply try to degrade women and make fun of them and portray them in a negative light. I think that shows extreme sexism.”


I don’t see it.

The housekeeper who accused Dominique Strauss-Kahn of sexually assaulting her is now suing the former IMF chief in State Supreme Court, seeking unspecified damages for a “violent and sadistic attack.”

Mr. Kahn’s lawyers said in a statement: “The filing of this lawsuit ends any doubt on that question. The civil suit has no merit and Mr. Strauss-Kahn will defend it vigorously.”

A survey conducted by E-Poll Market Research found the “Most Hated Person in America” to be Casey Anthony, with “Octomom” Nayda Suleman close behind on the list.

Los Angeles Police are investigating a large-scale bike ride involving around 200 adults and youth called, “Taco Tuesdays.” Police have deemed the bike ride unruly and say they will not hesitate to act if cyclists continue to disobey traffic laws or operate their bicycles while impaired.

I should probably stop having my drunken one-man bike ride called “Lucy Blue Pizza Sunday through Sundays.”

This is a video of guys making getting dressed in the morning not only a chore, but a Herculean task.

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