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The Senate today voted to kill the Republican “Cut, Cap and Balance” proposal, therefore prolonging debt talks. “We're going to dispose of this legislation as it needs to be, so that President Obama and the speaker can move forward on a [plan] that will have some revenue in it," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said before roll call. Debt talks between President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner will continue through the weekend and the two are scheduled to return to Washington on Monday.—-

According to the Treasury Department, lawmakers must agree to a plan that raises the debt limit before Aug. 2 or the federal government could default on its obligations for the first time in the nation’s history.

The Federal Election Commission on Thursday ruled that former presidential candidate John Edwards will have to pay back more than $2 million in federal matching funds given to his 2008 campaign. "At the end of the day, if there were more matching funds received than campaign obligations at the point when the campaign ended you have to make a repayment, " Ellen Weintraub, FEC Commissioner said during the hearing.

To make matters worse for the poor guy, Edwards’ former mistress Rielle Hunter and her lawyers are filing a motion charging a former campaign aide and his wife with contempt of court. The motion states that the couple provided off-limits information to federal prosecutors pursuing criminal charges against Edwards. In North Carolina, where the motion was filed Wednesday, being cited for criminal contempt of court can lead to a range of penalties from a $500 fine to 30 days in jail.

In retaliation of Public Health officials' recent recommendation that “health insurers should pay a range of services at not cost, including birth control, counseling on sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS screening,” Fox News’ Greg Gutfield said eliminating birth control co-pays are part of a leftist plot to exterminate the poor.

“If you’re talking about free birth control, who’s going to use free birth control? The people who can’t afford it. So the left has figured out a way to eradicate the poor, and it’s by eradicating the poor!” On another Fox News segment, contributor and host Sandy Rios said birth control wouldn’t be necessary if women would “just stop having irresponsible sex.” And I wouldn’t have anything to talk about if you would just “stop being irresponsible journalists.”

Rise of the Planet of the Pineapple Express

“Am I stoned or is my monkey trying to kill me with my bag of Bananagrams?”


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