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There are some things that we just shouldn’t look back on. Sodom. Gomorrah. 150-year-old sheepskin condoms found in a boat captain’s diary. But once in a while, because we can’t let some things go, we pull out artifacts from our old lives and reminisce. You can do that at “Controversy: Pieces You Don’t Normally See,” which opens on April 1 at the Ohio Historical Center in Columbus. Pieces you shouldn’t don’t normally see include “Old Sparky,” Ohio’s electric chair used from 1897 to 1963 and once again in 1989 on two teenagers who thought it’d be exhilarating to do the monster mash on a death machine. And for you hate crime enthusiasts, there will be a 1920s Ku Klux Klan garments on display.—-

Republican Kansas State Rep. Virgil Peck on Monday said the best way to deal with illegal immigrants is the same way one might deal with “feral hogs,” which is by shooting them from a helicopter. He dug the hole a little deeper when asked why he said something so stupid: “I was just speaking like a southeast Kansas person." Apparently that's how people in Kansas joke.

Jake Gyllenhaal almost went all Brokeback Mountain Prince of Persia on someone after they took a picture of the star while he was in the men's room. The story ended with this quote, which we're still trying to decipher: "Literally he grabbed my leg at one point and then at another time....he was like 'Oh my god, what the hell?!' I was like 'Yes!'" boasted the star.

Nuclear crisis worries? Stocks are going down

Gilbert Gottfried is out as the voice of the Aflac duck after a series of offensive tweets about the earthquake in Japan.

March Madness is here. Remember the Fab Five? Here's what they thought of Duke:

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