Morning News Stuff

Mar 10, 2011 at 12:29 pm

John Kasich's “State of the State” address on Tuesday started strong but was drowned out by union members who filled the Statehouse rotunda. Chants of “Kill the Bill,” in reference to Senate Bill 5, canceled out Kasich's speech. Had the union members not been yelling for 30 minutes, they would have heard key points in Kasich's speech. “I've got a message for you. Anything is possible. You ain't seen nothing yet. The State of the State and the future of Ohio is in our hands.” Since then, fellow leaders and the public have mostly wondered what Kasich was talking about: “John Kasich's 'State of the State' address lacked substance. Very vague. No Specifics. Generalities,” said Rep. Clayton Luckie, D-Dayton. Could you elaborate on that, Luckie?—-

Kasich is also trying to cut funding from the Cincinnati streetcar project. Of the $150 million the project is supposed to cost, $51 million is supposed to come from the state, and Kasich says he's not parting with that kind of dough for some pork-barrel project.

In the latest census, Cincinnati was one of the biggest population losers, having lost 10 percent of its population over the last decade. The white and black populations dropped by 29,000 and 9,000 respectively, while the Hispanic population doubled to 8,300 which means that for the first time, Cincinnati is a “minority-majority” city. That's right, we're spreading.

New York congressman Peter King opened a hearing on the radicalization of U.S. Muslims so to “protect America from a terrorist attack.” Nothing can protect King from sounding like a racist idiot.

Both Hooters and the Beer Sellar of Northern Kentucky have had to shut their doors due to flooding along the Ohio River. The Beer Sellar, known for its lavish waitstaff, and Hooters for its fine food and extensive beer selection (Bud Light, Bud Light Lime, Budweiser, et al.), are both missing out on tens of thousands of dollars this week due to the floods.

The president and CEO of NPR has resigned after a fellow executive said the tea party movement was “seriously racist.”

Lindsay Lohan is due back in court after being accused of taking a “$2,500 necklace without permission.” Or stealing.

At least Charlie Sheen is going OK.