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Governor John Kasich's “State of the State” address may be interrupted by a lot of pissed off people today. The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees has prepared a “State of the Worker” event to rival Kasich's speech. The AFSCME faces a tough opposition from Tea Partiers who plan on showing their support for Kasich. No word yet on whether or not they'll bring their guns (this time). The AFSCME has promised to “fight like hell,” while Kasich is just saying, “hopefully I won't screw it up.” —-

Sarah Palin wants you to know that someone told her that Africa is a continent, so stop reminding her. But anytime she decides to make up a word, you are encouraged to throw a dictionary at her.

The Cincinnati Zoo has aided in an Ocelot birth. It was cooler when we thought a Transformer had been born in Cincinnati, but an endangered species will do just as well.

K-Roger's has reported fourth-quarter profits. Kroger, the nation's larger grocery chain, attributes its boost in sales to its loyal customers and insists it has nothing to do with Keller's IGA closing.

Kathy Griffin has publicly stated that she has no intention to leave Sarah Palin's 16-year-old daughter alone.


Reports say that porn star Bree Olson has left Charlie Sheen, presumably for better things. But Sean Penn has offered Sheen a place to help out in Haiti as there is a shortage of Tiger Blood in the disaster-stricken country.

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