Mother Knows Sex

Jan 22, 2009 at 9:42 am

Now here’s a reality TV show that will probably raise a few eyebrows. And the good news is that it doesn’t humiliate anyone in the process.—-

Patty Brisben, CEO and founder of Pure Romance, and her four kids are front and center in Mother Knows Sex, a reality TV show about the company and family that sells sex toys (see "Lubricants Are a Blessing, Not a Crime," issue of May 31, 2006).

During her recent interview with CityBeat, "Breaking the Holiday Sex Slump" (issue of Dec. 24) Brisben was in the midst of moving and getting ready for a camera crew to show up.

Mother Knows Sex will chronicle the touching, often entertaining struggles Patty and her family encounter while running Pure Romance, a company that sells sex toys through Tupperware party-like gatherings across America,” says a press release about the new show.

With the first episode scheduled to air on The Learning Channel on Feb. 1, a few sneak peaks are available now.

From mom having to explain to son, Chris Cicchinelli, president of Pure Romance, why she prefers an elephant shaped vibrator to an argument over in-house dating, the show looks to be an entertaining look at the Cincinnati-based family-owned business.

Can Cicchinelli manage the “explosive” growth of the sex-toy biz? Does a sense of humor help or hinder the management of multi-million dollar enterprise? When interviewed by CityBeat about his job, Cicchinelli said he’s “paid in product” so that ought to give you some idea of what's to come.

Tune in to find out how this unconventional family deals with profitability, life and, yes, sex!