Mount Healthy Haunted Hall

7700 Seward Ave., Mount Healthy

The best scare for the buck, the Mount Healthy Haunted Hall delivers on scares despite its lower-than-many price tag. Run by a group of Boy Scouts, it’s more Blair Witch Project than some goodie two-shoes happy haunted house to raise a few bucks for a less scarier camping trip or service project. In other words, this one delivers.

Located near Compton Road in a residential area adds to the allure of this haunted house, which wasn’t particularly crowded on the weekend night I attended. My mission actually turned into a solo walk-through of the Haunted Hall, something I truly don’t recommend. It scared the crap out of me.

But the actors were good and plentiful, avoiding an over-reliance on automated gyrating rubbery scare dummies or jolting wooden caskets. This haunted house is old school in its approach but ultra-modern in the scares it delivers. Plus the “tent maze” at the end of the 20-minute march through madness is a real conundrum of complete darkness where I inadvertently goosed several people as I attempted to find my way out. Fun times! 8-11 p.m. Friday-Saturday and 7-9 p.m. Sunday through Nov. 1.

7700 Seward Ave., Mount Healthy, Exit 10A off Ronald Reagan Highway, 513-729-1974,

What to Expect: You will be chased. It features a maze and shifting floors.

What’s Unique: Every wall in the Hall moves, so the experience changes every year.

The Damage: $10; $15 for Fast Pass

CityBeat Rating: PG-13

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