MPMF10 Saturday: Heart of Rock & Roll Still Beatin'

I got a late start to the final night of MPMP 2010, and by the time I got to the Main Event, Natural Child only had a few songs left in their set. Having just turned old enough to get into bars a few weeks ago, it was the first time I’d stepped into the Main Event and I was happy with what I saw and heard. Housing Rock & Roll at its roots, the club featured a lot of plaid and, from what I heard, three damn good bands.—-

Natural Child is a three-piece Rock & Roll band (a la Stooges) turned four-piece when an overzealous (and possibly over-intoxicated) fan took the mic for the last song. Churning out Rock n’ Blues riffs with a grunge tone, they were a great precursor for what was to come.

Gentleman Jesse and His Men, a blend of a more hardnosed version of The Hives and The Kinks, put on a no-frills, all-Rock display of what Punk should be — not American Idiot. The Strange Boys, who came on shortly after, put in a good shift with a set that was a throwback to The Zombies and the “heavy” Beatles era.

In truth, all three bands put on a display of what the festival should have been and what I’d like to believe it was about from the very beginning: the music. These bands were representative of everything Rock & Roll is about: selling T-shirts out of cardboard boxes, ex-girlfriends and (too much) well whiskey.

The Midpoint Music Festival would not have happened without all of the volunteers, the sponsors and especially the musicians who rocked every way they knew how to. Just when I thought I was getting sick of the whole thing, three bands took me not only to where music is going but also to where music has been — a place of constant evolution and thoughtfulness. Thank you, MPMF, for a reasonably priced great time!

(For photos and multimedia content from MidPoint's Saturday night festivities, go here and here.)

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