Music: Ampline

Ampline's debut album for Phratry Records, 'You Will Be Buried Here,' features the band's signature instrumental elements: Mike Montgomery's shreddingly supple guitar work, Kevin Schmidt's thunderous bass runs and Rick McCarty's hammer-of-the-gods drummi

Aug 31, 2010 at 2:06 pm

Ampline’s latest offering (and debut album for Phratry Records), You Will Be Buried Here, features the band’s signature instrumental elements: Mike Montgomery’s shreddingly supple guitar work, Kevin Schmidt’s thunderous bass runs and Rick McCarty’s hammer-of-the-gods drumming. But there’s something else on Buried that is significantly less common in the Cincinnati-based trio’s previous catalog, namely lyrics to accompany the band’s instrumental passages.

“At certain points, I remember saying, ‘Wait a minute, that almost sounds like a verse and a chorus. We don’t want to do that, do we?’ ” Montgomery says over beers in his Candyland studio control room. “But for us, it was opening the door. Why can’t we write a straightforward song? It could be 30 seconds, or it could be a three-minute Pop song.”

As the members chipped away at the songs that would comprise their follow-up to 2006’s Rosary, their ideas about how to record began to evolve as well.

Ampline celebrates its new album Saturday at the Southgate House. Go here for Brian Baker's full interview with the band and for show and club details.