Music: Bright Light Social Hour

Jan 9, 2012 at 2:59 pm

If you missed the Bright Light Social Hour when it shredded at last fall’s MidPoint festivities, the acclaimed Austin quartet must have missed you too, because the band has notched a slot on their winter tour for another swing through Cincinnati to level any shaky structures that survived the last visit.

Pinning down the BLSH’s sound is like describing the contents of a blender on puree. On its eponymous 2010 debut album, the group evokes the spirit of the ’70s with shards of Southern Garage Rock, Psychedelic Soul, electric R&B/Funk, Indie Pop and thunderously elemental Hard Rock, represented by acid-washed church and Farfisa organ, searing slide guitar and chunky riffage, Pop melodicism and a funky, slinky rhythm section, all in the service of songs that are compellingly contemporary and utterly appealing.

The Bright Light Social Hour plays MOTR Pub Thursday. Read Brian Baker's full Sound Advice here.