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click to enlarge "Sorry about the gay slur. Peace!"
"Sorry about the gay slur. Peace!"

Brett Ratner, the cinematic genius behind the Rush Hour series and Tower Heist, has apologized after claiming to have had sex with Olivia Munn, the host of G4’s Attack of the Show. Ratner told The Howard Stern Show crew, “She’s actually talented. The Problem is I made her look like she’s a whore.”

Ratner also apologized for saying, “rehearsal is for fags” after a Friday night screening of Tower Heist. “I apologize for any offense my remarks caused,” said Ratner. “It was a dumb way of expressing myself. Everyone who knows me knows that I don’t have a prejudiced bone in my body. But as a storyteller I should have been much more thoughtful about the power of language and my choice of words.”

GLAAD in turn issued a statement saying, “This apology is a good start, but we’re working with Ratner’s people for more action, to clearly send a message to Hollywood that the anti-gay slurs used by bullies and bigots have no place in the world of entertainment, or anywhere else.” He could also stop making films.

The good people at The Wrap report that some Academy Award members believe he should even be fired from his post as an Oscar producer.—-

Robert DeNiro yesterday confirmed that he would play Bernie Madoff in an upcoming potential HBO movie produced by DeNiro and Jane Rostenthal.

You can stream new shit from Los Campesinos!, R.E.M. and Childish Gambino from NPR.

Emmy Award-winning television and film writer Hal Katner has died at the age of 92, while legendary boxer Joe Frazier has died at the age of 67 after a short fight with cancer.

Radiohead has released a 2012 tour schedule but there are no major East or West Coast dates included. Yet?

Don’t have time for coffee? Can’t squeeze in screwing off a cap? Well the AeroShot, a caffeine-dispensing inhaler developed by a Harvard University professor will cure you of your morning woes. Each inhaler contains eight puffs of caffeine, each the equivalent of a large cup of coffee and also delivers the recommended daily allowance of niacin, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.

A Canadian dentist by the name of Michael Zuk can now say he is the proud owner of John Lennon’s tooth. But he also has to say he paid $31,200 for the damn thing.

A bank customer in Florida was so upset with customer service he urinated in their drive thru. The unnamed 67-year-old man is reported to have peed all over the teller tube at the Palm Coast branch of a bank. It is believed that this may not be the first time the man has pissed on a bank as their have been reports of a similar incident occurring at the Port Orange branch of the bank. The man now faces up to a year of jail time.

On this day the world welcomed Norman Lloyd, Leif Garrett, Gordon Ramsay, Park Posey, the late Minnie Riperton, Jack Osbourne and Michael Nyqvist.

So two years ago.

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