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A 10-year-old Idaho boy went toe-to-toe with a mountain lion in a rural area of Boise, Idaho, escaping with only minor scratches. He was apparently unfazed by the event, claiming his biggest fear is that his friends at school won't believe his story. The boy and his father were looking for a missing hunting dog when he happened upon the mountain lion feeding on the dog in question. Case closed.

The child tried to run from the lion but tripped allowing the lion to take a swipe at the boy's arm. The boy drew his hunting knife and screamed something at the lion. Probably, "This is Boise!"

The boy's father then fired off a few warning shots and the lion scampered away.—-

Thousands of people ran around in their underwear in Salt Lake City Saturday to protest what they called the "uptight" laws of Utah. Nate Porter, who organized the Undie Run, says the goal of the event was to organize people frustrated by the conservative nature of the state's politics. The next ineffective event will be a large screening of James Merendino's SLC Punk, starring Mattew Lillard and Jason Segal.

This is what a revolution should look like.

The Lion King in 3D is still on top of the box office even after the release of Brad Pitt's latest flick, Moneyball.

Patrick Carney of the Black Keys said the the sequel to Blakroc isn't actually being made despite a trailer circulating around internet. Carney said that although eight tracks were done, the trailer was made two years ago and was uploaded without the band's permission. But Carney said a new Black Keys album is coming out soon.

Now that the Facebook has integrated music app Spotify, Rhapsody and other clowns believe that people will start paying for music.

J.J. Abrams (Super 8, Star Trek) and Eric Kripke, who brought to television such wonders as Supernatural and Tarzan with Travis Fimmel, are working a project called Revolution. The pilot has received a production green light from NBC and can be expected soon-ish.

Happy birthday to Olivia Newton-John.

Can you believe she still looks like this?

Girl ages like a fine Burgundy wine.

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