Music: The Acacia Strain

The Acacia Strain pairs their perfected down-tuned guitar with demon-balls-in-a-bear-trap vocals at a performance with Unearth, Protest the Hero, Gwen Stacy and White Chapel. 7 p.m. Saturday.

Oct 1, 2008 at 2:06 pm

Springfield, Mass., may not be the acknowledged capital of grinding Metal, but that hasn’t stopped The Acacia Strain from perfecting the art of down-tuned guitar and demon-balls-in-a-bear-trap vocals. With their fourth full-length, the recently released Continent, The Acacia Strain hone their blistering sound to a prison-filed point, amplifying and extrapolating their sonic brutality and lyrical nihilism with technical precision and heightened emotional disgust. If you have an affinity for extreme Metal in all its mutant forms (Hardcore, Death Metal, Grindcore), check your hope at the door and join The Acacia Strain as they pull hard on the world’s toilet handle in an effort to flush civilization into hell’s septic tank. See Sound Advice here.