Music: The Donnas with Blondie and Pat Benatar

The Donnas play hard and fast Punk/Pop under the assumed names Donna A, R, F and C. They formed their own label, Purple Feather, and released their seventh studio album, 'Bitchin'.' Their latest CD, the just-released and ironically-titled 'Greatest Hits,

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We could just as easily be talking about The Electrocutes and their importance to modern American music, but a few twists of fate and it’s The Donnas who get the nod. Best friends Brett Anderson, Allison Robertson, Maya Ford and Torry Castellano formed Ragady Anne for an eighth-grade school event in Palo Alto, Calif., then renamed themselves The Electrocutes and stayed together through high school. Super Teem Records owner Darrin Rafaelli asked the Speed Metal quartet to record some of his straightforward Rock songs for release on vinyl singles. They agreed and enjoyed Rafaelli’s music so much they decided to start a second band emulating The Ramones, playing hard and fast Punk/Pop under assumed names (Donnas A, R, F and C). The Donnas were born.

The Donnas formed their own label, Purple Feather, and released their seventh studio album, Bitchin’. The group’s latest, the just-released and ironically-titled Greatest Hits, Vol. 16, offers up freshly recorded and live versions of old songs, a few B-side rarities and some new material. The Donnas in live mode are like a Russian porn star — Rockyer Cockov. Fellas, hold on tight. Ladies, keep track of your wigs and keys. It’s going to be a Donnas kind of night.

They play the PNC Pavilion Saturday night with Pat Benatar and Blondie. Get Sound Advice and show details here.

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