MusicTown: The New Cincinnati Music Message Board

Dec 19, 2008 at 9:51 am

After successful MidPoint Music Festival and the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards, there is no question that Cincinnati is a music town. Our vibrant local scene thrives on a huge range of innovative and talented bands and artists, as well as on a diverse and supportive collection of venues. Cincinnati now needs a place for musicians online ... (drum roll, please).

We are pleased to present MusicTown, a new forum for Cincinnati musicians and music lovers.—- Come talk about the scene, the artists, the challenges and the triumphs. As we launch this new forum for discussion and support, we want you to be a part of its foundation. Give feedback, offer advice, help out other musicians and get help from them. Post your shows and tell everyone about the newest bands and your oldest favorites.

Visit today (and bookmark it!) by clicking here.