Neighborhood Cliques

Most Cincinnati (residents) have no idea as to these funds or these neighborhood organizations, and that is a problem.

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Neighborhood Cliques
These comments all seem to be insider comments. Most Cincinnati (residents) have no idea as to these funds or these neighborhood organizations, and that is a problem. It all amounts to a give-away program that is a poor attempt to appear like these community councils represent the population of the city, when it clearly does not. It acts to relieve the city government from its responsibility to communicate with the people.

These community councils and business district councils are not recognized in the city charter, thus allowing them to operate as the cliques wish. They represent only a few groupies and their own egos. The majority are never heard, and that seems to be the desire of council.

We need to have an all-district structure for council so that the people know their rights and how to address city problems in a legally determined manner.

— Dieter (comment posted at in response to news article “Being Neighborly,” issue of Jan. 21)

Neighborhood Betterment
As someone who is involved, Dieter, you must not live in the city because neighborhood councils do everything possible to reach out to residents and make them aware of neighborhood councils. And if residents call the city, they are usually told to bring their issues to their neighborhood council first.

Soooo I will try to ignore your comments about my “groupies and our egos” since I seem to have probably missed more dinners and family time devoting it to the betterment of my community for people like you who chose to sit on the sidelines and expect others to solve the city’s problems.

—Wellhart (comment posted at in response to Dieter’s post on news article “Being Neighborly,” issue of Jan. 21)

I Like Living in the Modern World
I want to thank CityBeat for continuing to carry This Modern World. This wickedly insightful and irreverent political cartoon is first thing that I read every week in the paper.

Tom Tomorrow and other “alternative” cartoonists are hurting in this economy. It seems that with papers financially strapped and looking for places to cut back, these political cartoons are being axed all around the country.

This Modern World is a particularly good one. Kudos to CityBeat for having the good sense to carry it for many years.

— Roger Yeardley, Balance Productions

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