New Dallas Moore Band Video for "Crazy Again"

Dec 14, 2011 at 12:15 pm
click to enlarge Hank to Thank: Live at Herzog Studio
Hank to Thank: Live at Herzog Studio

On Aug. 30 of last year, local Country artist Dallas Moore and his band teamed up with longtime Willie Nelson guitarist Jody Payne (who grew up in Cincy) to celebrate the 61st anniversary of music icon Hank Williams’ historic recording sessions at Cincinnati’s Herzog recording facilities. The musicians gathered at the very spot Williams recorded (now the headquarters of the Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation on Race St.) and hosted a live recording session/concert in front of a sold-out crowd. The show was recorded for the just-released live album, Hank to Thank: Live at Herzog Studio. Below is the music video for the album's first single "Crazy Again," which is already receiving airplay on Sirius/XM radio.—-

The new video and album will be celebrated this Saturday at the VFW Hall (Post 7570) in Harrison, Ohio (click here for directions) as part of “Santa’s Got SOL,” a holiday party hosted by the label for which Moore records, SOL Records. The show/party will feature live music by The Dallas Moore Band, Pure Grain and Swamptucky. Showtime is 8 p.m. and admission is $10.

In further Herzog/Hank news, the Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation is hosting an event tomorrow. Full press release follows:

Invitation to "Come Play The Lost Notebooks"
Thursday 12.22.11 - Historic Herzog - 7 p.m.
63rd anniversary of Hank Williams Herzog session
Benefits Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation

Purpose:  To invite each artist on The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams to perform their Hank song at Herzog for future events and to support the celebration and preservation of Historic Herzog, Hank Williams' sessions in Cincinnati, and the mission of The Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation.

How:  An original song, "Come Play The Lost Notebooks," has been written to tell a bit of the Hank Williams and Herzog story.  It is an invitation to the Lost Notebooks artists.  This invitation will be performed by a chorus of Cincinnati musicians and recorded for further release.  This will also serve as an invitation for anyone to come and play The Lost Notebooks, as well encourage other events and music to be made utilizing the Herzog space and the legendary piano said to have been played in Hank, now in Herzog thanks to the donation of Charles Wolff and the help of Ed Horning. [[The Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation wants the community to see Herzog as a space to make new music - and be owned by the local community for as long as we have the privilege of opening the doors to the community]]

The idea is to have a gathering on this historic date, in this historic space, using a historic piano, to gather and make a statement demonstrating a collective will of Cincinnati musicians and the community to see what might happen.  Whether all or no Lost Notebooks artists respond, we can make new music, pay respects to our heritage, and pay respects to others who are finding new ways to celebrate the music of Hank Williams, like with The Lost Notebooks.
More: Some outreach to The Lost Notebooks artists has begun, with The Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation reaching-out to Bob Dylan, Jack White and Lucinda Williams.   Bob's bass player, Tony Garnier, had a CUSAMHF representative as his guest backstage when Dylan was in Dayton this past summer and was encouraging regarding the project.  Bob Dylan's top representative responded saying he liked "Come Play The Lost Notebooks" and appreciated the interest, but was not sure how we could connect with The Lost Notebooks album.  Consider this invite, via a Cincinnati song and performance, an answer we can give.

And more:  The International Hank Williams Fan Club has run an article in its newsletter announcing this event.  Lee Hay of WVXU has dedicated her Saturday 12.17.11 show to The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams and will promote the 12.22.11 session on her show.  Thank you Lee Hay and Brian Turpen!

Your role:  The Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation invites you to play a part in this affair.  Inspired by the happenings of The Train Kept A-Rollin's Guitar Army (thanks again to all of you here), where 25-30 guitarists performed on Fountain Square on the Train anniversary with a crowd response that actually enjoyed how it sounded, this will be a session for whoever wants to join in... Think, for lack of better terms, a "we are the world" approach where we will all sing together, or, depending on level of interest, and what happens, divide up parts on "Come Play The Lost Notebooks."  We will also salute the Lost Notebooks artists by providing an "open mic" to cover The Lost Notebooks on this night.  All will be recorded to further the cause and support The Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation. 

Musicians in so far...

"Come Play The Lost Notebooks" featuring The Syd NaTanists with all-star guests...

Brian Love - Bass and vocals
Marvin Hawkins - Drums and vocals
Ed Vardiman - Game for whatever
Mark Utley - Game for whatever
Kelly Routt - vocals
Elliott Ruther - Guitar and vocals
Billy Alletzhauser - tbd
Chuck Land - Piano
Dallas Moore - In for beginning part

We can use a steel guitar player, a lot of singers and can work in other instrumentation as it makes sense.

Benefits:  While the foundation will need to identify some funds to help with the recording, shipping and delivery to all the The Lost Notebooks artists and potential promotions (we may put-up a quick Kickstarter campaign for a few hundred dollars), we would like to offer any participating musician a complementary membership into The Funky Drummer Society, our new membership program of the Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation.  Benefits include Herzog access, downloads of Herzog sessions and more.

Promotions:  While you may have been seeing some notice before, a more specific press forward will be happening soon, especially with your response.

Yes, Refreshments will be made available to you on this Winter Solstice night.

Finally, on behalf of The Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation, thank you for all your help which has brought us this far.  Please know that this is yours to take to the next step so we can continue to show our pride locally and globally.  Let me know if you are in, so we can do our best to plan accordingly.  And if you know someone who has a connection to this stuff and should join this performance, please invite her or him!