New EP From a Pomegranate

Isaac Joel of Pomegranates unveils bass-heavy solo debut, 'Back to Bassics'

Feb 1, 2012 at 12:37 pm

Isaac Joel of local acclaimed Indie Pop band Pomegranates has issued a compelling new EP titled Back to Bassics. Written and recorded with just bass guitar and vocals, the EP's six tracks are melodic, ambient and psychedelic, at times encased in hovering atmospherics but also often defiantly minimalistic and sparse. It's a thoroughly engaging collection of songs, almost trance-like in its ability to suck the listener into its ethereal haze. Though bass guitar is the only instrument used, those self-imposed boundaries are not immediately obvious, as Joel conjures layers of effected textures. But it's often Joel's dreamy, gentle vocal melodies (also usually presented within layers of choral harmonies) that provide the hypnotic pull that will keep you listening from start to finish. —-

Along with a ghostly cover of the Everly Brothers' classic "All I Have to Do Is Dream," the EP's highlights include the 8-minutes-plus trip-tastic wanderer "Walk Around the Lake" and the single "If I Hear Music," which you can check out below. Give the full EP a listen here, where it's available for download at the price of your choosing. Look for a physical release (including a cassette version) soon from Infinite Loop Records.