Noctaluca Flashes the Crowd Tonight

May 8, 2009 at 4:35 pm

Local “face-melting” alt-rockers Noctaluca may sound like a band that lies somewhere between Pearl Jam and Shudder to Think, but they are in fact thoroughly modern. Check their latest innovation: an immediate recording of their live show on a two-gig flash drive that’ll be available right after they’ve played. —-

All fans need to do is show up tonight at the Play By Play Café (6923 Plainfield Road), head to the Noctaluca merch table and throw down a 20-spot for a voucher either before or during the show, which starts at 10 p.m. As soon as the band wraps up, head back to the merch table for your own digital copy of the show you just witnessed, along with a high-res image of the bill poster, photos from the performance, and a special thank-you video from the band. Nifty! The flash drive’s even got a band logo on it, and once you’ve downloaded all the Noctaluca you can handle off of it, you’re free to take it to work or school and load it up with whatever the hell you please!

I’m personally curious to see if the professionals at Team Noctaluca are going to be able to pull off the multimedia digital transfer in what’s sure to be a very short amount of time. The ambition is indeed impressive… This band must have its own IT department—either that or some pretty smart roadies.

In the meantime, check their Web site to learn more.