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Numerology is an ancient spiritual science organized by Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher and mathematician. The fundamental premise is that the universe is an orderly system, and numbers reflect that orderliness. Numerology relates numbers to various characteristics and a practical method of revealing your deeper nature including your strengths, weaknesses, tendencies, talents and general life circumstances.

A simple explanation of these characteristics: 1: leadership, independence, ego, creativity; 2: giving, supportive, nurturing, diplomatic; 3: creative expression, joy, social; 4: work ethic, loyal, logical; 5: freedom, communication, chameleon; 6: teacher, domestic arts, passion; 7: knowledge seeking, spiritual/scientific; 8: business, politics, money; 9: brotherly connection, spiritual beauty, belongs to the world.

The letters in your name are assigned a numerical value based on a special chart and then reduced to a single digit. Your birthdate is also reduced to single digits (month, day and year are each reduced separately at first, then added together) to arrive at your Life Path number. These are our two most important numbers. For instance, if there's a lot of the number 1 influence in someone's chart, you might find that they could be headstrong, pushy or bossy; on the other hand, they could also be a great leader and someone who gets things done.

This knowledge helps us understand ourselves and others and our relationships to each other and how we view and approach life. Parents can use this info to relate to their children, and partners in marriage or business can use this info to find places of synergy and growth.

The tendency to want to change someone or the frustration with the other can be eased when you know more about what makes them tick. With this knowledge, even those who have opposite natures can learn to allow for the other rather than butting heads all time.

Eileen McConkey (aka "Artist of Space") does numerology readings for groups or parties only. She says that even the shortest chart reading can be inspirational and revelational. She plugs in the numbers along with the knowledge, intuition and trust that what needs to be heard will be said. The life experience and understanding of human nature she has confirms this.

Numerology is a tool that helps you know that what's happening has a reason, shows what is standing in your way and tells you that you're doing fine. Contact Eileen through her Web site ( or at 513-258-3795.

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