NYE and NYEE (New Year's Eve Eve): Whatchadoin'?

Dec 30, 2008 at 11:24 am

For the past 10 years or so, I haven't gone out on New Year's Eve. "Amateur night," I always say. My main concern is other drivers. On Christmas and Christmas Eve this year, I was out on the roads a bit at night and it seemed like at least half of the people out were a little tipsy. I can only imagine that percentage goes up on New Year's Eve.

This year especially, it seems as though a lot of parties are being thrown on New Year's Eve Eve (tonight!). As mentioned in the last edition of Spill It, NYEE seems to be the new NYE. —-Tonight you can catch some excellent local music at the area clubs. At the Southgate House, one of the city's most enduring original bands, thistle, is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a concert featuring some fantastic openers (Cari Clara, Alone at 3am, Knife the Symphony, The Turnbull ACs, The Strongest Proof, Banderas and Hekura). Noah Hunt and the 420 All-Stars (along with Rumpke Mountain Boys) are at Stanley's for Hunt's annual holiday gig. Eagle to Squirrel, 7 Speed Vortex and Bullying Ben Jones (a new Hip Hop project featuring former cohorts of da muttss) play the Northside Tavern. And Hip Hop/Jazz faves IsWhat?! are at Baba Budan's in Clifton for a show where they'll be backed by fantastic drummer Hamid Drake (Nati Groove Alliance also plays).

Since the holidays are a time of good vibes and cheer, you may want to head to the 20th Century Theater tonight, where Big Whiskey turns its annual NYEE show into a benefit for Chris Walker, who was their bassist (as well as several other bands') until he was seriously injured in a car wreck. Big Whiskey is joined by the Dan Varner Band, the Paul Otten Band and Ten Foot Big for the 7 p.m. show. To read more about the "Friends for Chris Walker" collaborative (and to hear some tunes featuring Chris' always amazing bass work), go here

Tomorrow night, there are a few events featuring local musicians that won't suck your bank account dry.
We recommend checking out Bad Veins and the Dance_MF crew at Northside Tavern (though I'd advise getting there early), Dallas Moore at Kick'n in Cheviot and The Seedy Seeds at the Southgate House Lounge if you don't want to pay a cover charge. Other "low-dough" shows include The Emeralds and Buckra at the Southgate House Parlour and a special "all reunion show" at Dirty Jack's, starring reformed-for-one-night-only bands Hellifino, Tornado Green and Cherry Bang.

So, what are YOU doing tonight and tomorrow? Please recommend some other events.