On Newsstands Now: Here's Everything You'll Find in CityBeat's Latest Issue

From a Bigfoot hunt to delightfully spooky ghost stories from one of Cincinnati's watering holes, here are the stories you'll find in CityBeat's latest print edition.

Oct 19, 2022 at 4:46 pm
click to enlarge CityBeat's latest print edition, available on newsstands now, features a hunt for Bigfoot. - Photo: CityBeat
Photo: CityBeat
CityBeat's latest print edition, available on newsstands now, features a hunt for Bigfoot.

For many of us, Bigfoot is a legend present only on an episode of Ancient Aliens, or perhaps only among the towering, mysterious pines of the Pacific Northwest. However, for CityBeat's latest issue, we went on a hunt for Bigfoot in a place where the massive furball had allegedly been spotted before — Ohio's Pleasant Hill Lake Park. In fact, those Ohio sightings mark the first time someone in law enforcement or government had filed a Sasquatch report that then was made available to the public. So, naturally, we had to go witness the hunt for Ohio's Bigfoot ourselves. Read CityBeat's latest issue, out on newsstands now, to read more about the Bigfoot investigation and other stories.

Squatchin': Ohio Bigfoot Investigators Are More Determined Than Ever to Prove the Fabled Creature Is Real
By Allison Babka
According to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO), Ohio has the fourth-highest number of credible Bigfoot sightings. A ranger-reported incident happened right in Pleasant Hill Lake Park in 2020, adding believability to the claims and somewhat calming skeptics. Hundreds of people with both professional interest and mere curiosity are hoping for a similar encounter with the fabled ape-like creature at Pleasant Lake, and the park is welcoming them wholeheartedly with what essentially is a Bigfoot convention. Read CityBeat's first-hand account of the first-ever Bigfoot Basecamp Weekend at Pleasant Hill Lake Park.

Cincinnati Shakespeare Company Brings The Living Dead to Life Just in Time for Halloween
By CityBeat Theater Critic, Rick Pender
Cincinnati Shakespeare Company has a tradition of scary shows in October – typically bloody classics by Shakespeare. But this year it’s the world premiere of The Living Dead, inspired by the original zombie film, Night of the Living Dead (1968). Read CityBeat's story to learn more about how inclusivity plays a role in Cincinnati Shakespeare Company's The Living Dead.

Buyer's Club in Prospect Hill Grows Community Alongside Fresh Produce
By Madeline Anderson
In April 2020, former pastry chef Donna Covrett started selling produce to her Prospect Hill neighbors on behalf of her friends, farmers Sallie Ransohoff and Jacob Kreines. With many restaurants closing at the time, Sallie and Sons’ produce had nowhere to go, and Covrett’s neighbors weren’t leaving their homes to go grocery shopping. Selling food directly into people’s hands could be what they all needed, the team thought. Two and a half years later, neighbors are still enthusiastic about local produce, especially during the popular summer tomato season. Read CityBeat's story to learn more about how regenerative farming and love for the Earth plays a role in the buyer's club's mission.

Guest Commentary: The Story Behind the (Mostly) Friendly Spirits Who Roam Arnold's Bar & Grill
By Michael D. Morgan
Arnold’s Bar & Grill is dwarfed by everything around it. It’s small and it’s plain because it’s one of the oldest buildings downtown. It’s also one of the most haunted. Read CityBeat's story to uncover the spine-tingling ghost stories involving one of the most beloved fixtures in Downtown.

flow's Latest Coffeeshop Location Continues Forging Local Partnerships
By Brian Cross
A local coffeeshop that opened its first location in Newport last year now can be called a coffee chain. flow, known for its unique brewing method and touting a wine bar-style experience for coffee, recently opened two new locations north of the river in Cincinnati. Customers of the Newport location of flow (stylized in lowercase letters) will find the new settings in Northside and Over-the-Rhine familiar. Each is adorned with work by local artists and feature a record player and hi-fi audio system for patrons’ listening enjoyment. Read CityBeat's story to learn more about the unexpected features that make flow a destination for coffee lovers.

The Lone Bellow to Bring Their Distinct Take on Americana Music to Cincinnati's Memorial Hall
By Greg Gaston
This five-piece indie-folk/pop band has come a long way in recording four records and relocating from Georgia to Brooklyn, finally settling in Nashville, their current home. On 2020’s Half Moon Light, The Lone Bellow’s most recent record, they dial back their most rousing impulses and instead tap into a deeper, more intimate vibe. Weighty songs about death, marriage, betrayal, and immigration problems abound here – and yet somehow the music never sounds too ponderous. Read CityBeat's interview with The Lone Bellow to find out more about the methods behind their musical madness.

Sound Advice: Legendary Songwriter Paul Anka Will Make a Stop at Hard Rock Casino Cincinnati
By Brent Stroud
A legendary songwriter and one of the most recognizable voices of the early pop music era, Paul Anka, makes a stop in Cincinnati. Anka’s songs topped the charts at their release and make up a good portion of oldies radio playlists to this day. With hits like “Diana,” “Lonely Boy,” “Puppy Love,” “Put Your Head On My Shoulder” and a handful of other chart-topping releases, he’s one of the original stars and teen idols of the early years of pop music. Read CityBeat's story to learn more about what to expect at Anka's upcoming performance in Cincinnati.

Sound Advice: Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears Bring all the Blues-Rock-Soul Bravado to Cincinnati
By Greg Gaston
After five records (going back to his exceptional 2009 debut Tell’Em What Your Name Is), Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears – his longtime, six-piece band with horns – still sound rooted in the garage and revel in that freedom with a punk fervor. Lewis’s last record, The Difference Between Me and You in 2017, reflects his exposure to the Mississippi hill country blues. His songs here tap into more of a grinding, blues drone with heavy, percussive rhythms. Read CityBeat's story to learn about a surprising Wilco cover and more.

Sound Advice: Cincinnati's Bershy Serenades the City With Heartfelt Synth-Pop
By Eric Bates
High energy and queer centric is the atmosphere you’ll experience when you head to MOTR Pub Oct. 29. Bershy (Brea Shay), a singer/songwriter from Cincinnati with a truly authentic and energetic personality, loves to bring her audience an upbeat and heartfelt synth-pop experience, filled with joy, love, and the occasional “corny joke.” Read CityBeat's story to find out more about Bershy's musical stylings.

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