On Newsstands Now: Here's Everything You'll Find in CityBeat's Latest Issue

From the legend of Ed Moss to the newest Korean restaurant in Covington, here are the stories you'll find in CityBeat's latest print edition.

Jan 26, 2023 at 1:12 pm
click to enlarge CityBeat's latest issue, out on newsstands now, features an intimate look at Ed Moss and his jazz club, Schwartz's Point. - Photo: CityBeat
Photo: CityBeat
CityBeat's latest issue, out on newsstands now, features an intimate look at Ed Moss and his jazz club, Schwartz's Point.

In CityBeat's latest print edition, writer Russell Hausfeld digs into the legacy left behind by late musician Ed Moss and how he's still managing to influence new generations of jazz music admirers and musicians through Schwartz's Point. Read CityBeat's latest issue, out on newsstands now, to read the Schwartz's Point cover feature and other stories.

Swingin’ Schwartz’s Point: Ed Moss Left a Major Musical Impact on Cincinnati that Still Reverberates Today
By Russell Hausfeld
A triangular building with a huge clock atop it overlooks Vine Street in Cincinnati. Inside, the walls are lined in fabric, rugs and thick curtains to help dampen the sound. Flickering candles on triangular tables provide a wavering low light, painting the room with an intimate atmosphere. For the last two decades, jazz pianist Ed Moss could be found sitting at the piano in the front of the room, face in the keys. This club, Schwartz’s Point, was his passion project. Read CityBeat's story to learn more about Moss and his legacy in Cincinnati and beyond.

Covington's The Carnegie Announces New Leadership and 2023 Season
By CityBeat Theater Critic, Rick Pender
There’s been a changing of the guard at Covington’s Carnegie with Tyler Gabbard stepping up to fill the role of theater director filled by Maggie Perrino for eight years. She departed to become the theater director for Cincinnati’s School for Creative and Performing Arts. Gabbard is new to a leadership role, but he’s been affiliated with the Carnegie for years as a scenic designer, and his experience is fully suited to his new responsibilities. Read CityBeat's story to learn more about Gabbard and what lies ahead for The Carnegie's new season.

Weekly Jam Sessions at Northside’s Liberty Exhibition Hall Lounge Bring Jazz to a New Generation
By Anne Arenstein
A jam session can be serious business for musicians in any genre. It’s typically about honing one’s chops with peers, often battling for solo supremacy with an audience limited to other musicians. But that’s not the vibe at Northside’s Liberty Exhibition Hall Lounge, where increasing numbers of jazz fans show up on Monday nights to hear the house band and a jam session featuring many of the area’s top artists and astounding young talent. During Liberty Jazz Lab, audiences hear exciting performances in a venue whose retro seating vignettes and lighting recall 1950s and early 1960s jazz lounges that create energy shared by both sides of the stage. Read CityBeat's story to learn more about the Lounge's Monday night jam sessions.

Review: Court Street’s Mid City Restaurant is a Casual Dining Spot That’s Up for a Good Time
By CityBeat Dining Critic, Pama Mitchell
It took a couple of tries for me to fully appreciate the allure of Mid City, a relatively new bar and restaurant on Court Street. But friends kept telling me to give Mid City another shot. They loved the food, drinks and ambiance and said that the menu had enough variety that I could avoid anything that didn’t suit my taste. The location certainly is prime – at the northern edge of downtown and easily accessible to Over-the-Rhine – as well. Read CityBeat's story to learn more about what makes Mid City a special destination for foodies of all varieties.

Chimaek’s Fried Korean Food and Drink Selection Provide an Easy Night Out in Covington
By Sean M. Peters
Covington’s developing dining scene can tally up another win with the addition of Chimaek. The new pub serves succulent fried chicken wings and tenders, crispy vegetable tempura, an array of tangy and savory Korean side dishes and, to round out the experience, plenty of beer and cocktails. Read CityBeat's story to learn more about what inspired owners to open up this new Korean food destination in Covington

Sam Richardson of Feel It Records May Be Curating Cincinnati’s Next Big Thing
By Jason Gargano
The idea of a music label as a community-building endeavor with a signature aesthetic is alive and well in Feel It Records. Founder and lone proprietor Sam Richardson started the label as a university student in Richmond, Va. in 2010. Nearly 13 years and a recent relocation to Cincinnati last summer, Feel It has become a respected go-to source for those interested in the punk genre and its multifarious offshoots — post punk, indie, dark wave, trash pop, garage rock and more. Read CityBeat's story to learn more about Feel It Records' DIY ethos.

Sound Advice: Dan Bern to Bring Impressive Song Catalogue to Southgate House Revival Next Month
By Jason Gargano
Dan Bern is a busy guy. The Iowa native and current New Mexico resident has created an astronomical number of songs over his three-decade run as a singer-songwriter. The 63-year-old troubadour has dropped more than 25 studio albums over that period, largely in the straight-ahead folk style of his idols Woody Guthrie and Bob Dylan, spewing forth a flood of pointed lyrics that tackle everything from George Floyd’s death to the ribald habits of Babe Ruth. Read CityBeat's to learn more about what to expect at Dan Bern's upcoming show at Southgate House Revival.

Sound Advice: 'Shake it Off' at the Taylor Swift Party at Bogart's
By Deirdre Kaye
Taylor Swift lovers know all too well the bitter taste of disappointment after thousands of fans were left locked out of buying tickets to the star’s upcoming sold-out visit to Paycor Stadium. Before anyone takes to doing any vigilante shit, however, Bogart's is offering a chance for fans to shake it off. Read CityBeat's story to learn more about the Taylor Party at Bogart's.

Sound Advice: Macy Gray's Award-Winning Music is Coming to Cincinnati
By Katrina Eresman
Like many successful artists, Macy Gray’s musical narrative starts casually. The Ohio native went off to college in California, and started playing around with songwriting in her dorm. Before Gray became acquainted with jazz singers like Billie Holiday, she perceived her award-winning voice as a shortcoming. But expanding her knowledge of vocal performance styles changed everything. Read CityBeat's story to learn more about Gray's upcoming performance in Cincinnati.

Sound Advice: Country Music Icon Ricky Skaggs to Perform at Memorial Hall Next Month
By Brent Stroud
Ricky Skaggs is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and 15-time Grammy winner. The icon also is a member of the Grand Ole Opry, Country Music Hall of Fame, Bluegrass Hall of Fame and too many more to list. He’s helped keep bluegrass and roots music alive over the last five decades. Read CityBeat's story to learn more about Skaggs' impact on the country music genre.

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