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CityBeat's latest issue features an in-depth look at the city's anti-slur policy, the return of a major ceramic arts conference and more.

Feb 23, 2023 at 11:56 am
click to enlarge CityBeat's latest issue, out on newsstands now, includes a deep dive into Cincinnati Police Department's anti-slur policy. - Photo: CityBeat
Photo: CityBeat
CityBeat's latest issue, out on newsstands now, includes a deep dive into Cincinnati Police Department's anti-slur policy.

In CityBeat's latest issue, out on newsstands now, reporter Madeline Fening sits down with Cincinnati Police Chief Teresa Theetge to discuss the city's anti-slur policy. The new anti-slur policy came after CPD officers made headlines for using racial slurs while on the job. While the city attempts to rein in slur usage and other misconduct, the local police union may not exactly be on board. Pick up a copy of the latest issue of CityBeat to read this story and others.

Police Chief Teresa Theetge Embraces the City’s Anti-Slur Policy, but Police Union May Not be on Board
By Madeline Fening
After months of community feedback and careful consideration from city manager Sheryl Long, Teresa Theetge has transitioned from the temporary position to the official chief of CPD, the first woman to hold the job. And beyond picking a new paint color for her goldenrod office walls (she’s thinking gray), Theetge is looking ahead after a year plagued with headlines about officers saying slurs – particularly the n-word, the racist term for Black people – while on the job. Read CityBeat's story to learn more about CPD's policy on the use of racial slurs by officers.

Frogman Festival Celebrates the Four-Foot-Tall Cryptid Allegedly Roaming Loveland
By Katie Griffith
An inaugural event celebrating the legend is coming to Cincinnati March 4. Co-created by Jeff Craig and John Stamey, the Frogman Festival will feature speakers, vendors, games and other entertainment at the Great Wolf Lodge Conference Center in Mason. It’s designed to celebrate and popularize the legend while exploring the importance of storytelling, creatures like Mothman and Bigfoot, the Frogman’s habitat, local supernatural phenomena and more. Read CityBeat's story to learn more about Cincinnati's favorite cryptid.

Local Theaters to Stage Battle(s) of the Sexes This Spring
By CityBeat Theater Critic, Rick Pender
The battle of the sexes has often been fought theatrically with men and women vying for the upper hand. In March, thanks to two Cincinnati theater companies, playgoers can see two productions that showcase this battle: Cincinnati Shakespeare will present The Taming of the Shrew and Cincinnati Landmark Productions is staging Kiss Me, Kate. Interestingly, both productions are staged by women, and they have opinions about their respective shows. Read CityBeat's story to learn more about these two local productions.

Cincinnati Prepares for the Return of One of the World’s Biggest Ceramics Conferences
By Kelsey Graham
A major ceramics conference soon will return to Cincinnati for the first time since the 1990s, and it’s already attracting thousands of artists to the Queen City. The National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts’ (NCECA) 57th conference, Current, will take place at the Duke Energy Convention Center and throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky in March. An annual celebration of the national and international ceramics community, the event is open to professional artists and the general public. Read CityBeat's story to learn more about how the conference impacts the local art community.

Review: Cristian Pietoso Provides Delightful Wine-and-Dine Pairings at Nicola’s in Over-the-Rhine
By CityBeat Dining Critic, Pama Mitchell
A little under two years ago, Nic Pietoso's son Cristian Pietoso replaced his father at the helm of Nicola’s. Cristian was a well-respected chef/owner in his own right, with three successful restaurants here: Via Vite with its prime Fountain Square presence as well as the more casual Forno Osteria in East Hyde Park and Montgomery. Read CityBeat's story to learn why, after 27 years on Sycamore in Over-the-Rhine, Nicola’s looks to be in great hands for many more years to come.

Former flow Coffee Shop Employee Claims Owner Altered Documents, Shortchanged Wages
By Katie Griffith
A former employee of a local coffee shop is raising questions about the business owner’s ethics. In a CityBeat interview and in a recent Reddit post, Kay Ratliff, who had been an hourly employee at flow (stylized in lowercase letters), alleged that owner Rhys Watkins had altered her paychecks, provided no overtime pay and required unpaid training periods. Read CityBeat's story to learn more about Ratliff's allegations and Watkins' response.

Rock Duo Air Supply Floats into Cincinnati's Hard Rock Casino on March 4
By Alan Sculley
Over the past ten years or so, Russell and Hitchcock have seen a resurgence in their popularity in the United States. They continue to perform roughly 130 shows each year in a six-piece band format, surprising fans with a live show that’s more robust and energetic than the studio versions of their songs might suggest. Air Supply will be bringing that energy to a show at Hard Rock Casino on March 4. Read CityBeat's story to learn more about Air Supply's unexpected rise to fame.

Sound Advice: Dawes' Earnest Tunes Head to Taft Theatre on March 8
By Jason Gargano
Dawes just can’t stop, never going more than two years without releasing new material. The Los Angeles-based quartet’s eighth studio album, the evocatively titled Misadventures of Doomscroller, dropped last summer. Sure enough, it’s another tuneful set in the Jackson Browne realm of self-reflection and cultural assessment, backed by a tastefully rendered mix of rock, pop and folk, as well as a previously underutilized experimental streak. Read CityBeat's story to learn what to expect at Dawes' upcoming show.

Sound Advice: Innovative Harpist Brandee Younger to Perform at Northern Kentucky University
By Brent Stroud
Contemporary harpist Brandee Younger’s major-label debut Somewhere Different features her composition “Beautiful is Black,” which earned her a nomination for Best Instrumental Composition at the 2022 Grammys and made her the first Black woman nominated in this category. The album also received a nomination for Outstanding Album at the NAACP Image Awards. Read CityBeat's story to learn more about Younger's rise to fame ahead of her free stop in Northern Kentucky.

Sound Advice: Crash Test Dummies to Celebrate New Album, 30-Year Career at Ludlow Garage
By Greg Gaston
With one of the most distinctive voices in pop music, Brad Roberts brings his band Crash Test Dummies to Cincinnati for a career retrospective show. After a 17-year touring hiatus due to Roberts’ back problems and several members leaving the band, this veteran Canadian group reunited and began hitting the road again several years ago, despite not releasing a new record since 2010’s Oooh La La! But with a solid American fanbase, the three-time Grammy-nominated Dummies have embarked on an extensive Midwest concert road trip and will release their first single “Sacred Alphabet” this spring. Read CityBeat's story to learn more about Crash Test Dummies' interesting backstory.

Sound Advice: Dayton-Based Brainiac Finally Hitting Stages Again, Including at Woodward Theater
By Jason Gargano
Has it really been more than a quarter century since Brainiac infiltrated the ear canals of adventurous listeners across the Midwest and beyond? The Dayton-based quartet existed for only five years, but what a run it was, delivering three full-length albums (1993’s Smack Bunny Baby, 1994’s Bonsai Superstar and 1996’s Hissing Prigs in Static Couture) and an EP (1997’s Electro-Shock for President) before a car accident took the life of dynamic frontman Tim Taylor in May of 1997. Read CityBeat's story to learn more about this special reunion.

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