On the Road with The Seedy Seeds: Part One

Mar 31, 2009 at 11:38 am

[Editor’s Note: Cincy’s fantastic Indie/Pop/Americana/Electro band The Seedy Seeds recently ventured to Austin, Tex., for their first performances at the big annual South By Southwest music festival/conference. We asked them to keep a journal of their adventures for us, and they graciously obliged. We’ll be rolling the journal entries out in slices over the next few days. Today’s installment: truckstop hobo baths and Oklahoma's burning!]—-

Sunday morning I woke up at 6 a.m. and immediately stubbed my toe. Having just worked the Fountain Square St. Patrick's Day Spectacular, including a rousing Seedy Seeds set in the middle of it, I was a little sore. 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., standing on granite, makes the joints a little unhappy.

But then there were bagels! And coffee! And the ceremonial “piling of the stuff into the big yellow van” was on its way!

I picked up our official 2009 Seedy Seeds South By Southwest Roadie/Merch Guy/Navigator (the SSSBSWRMGN), Brian #2, and piled him into the van as well.

Here we came to an impasse. There are now two Brians who will be constantly within earshot of another for the next week. We defined our tour names as such:

Brian P, Drummer = Dr. Saint Augustine Nytehawk
Brian E, SSSBSWRMGN = Sir Franklin Redhawk
Mike = The Micklen Man
Margaret = Margaret

Sunday we rolled into St. Louis for a stopover with some family. Family is always the best stopover because they feed you until you want to die, and then coddle you with pie and warm beds and showers and all that. It definitely spoiled the rest of the trip, because our bodies will be expecting “warm beds” and “showers” and they instead may receive “The Ground” and “Truckstop Hobo Bath.”

(Does everyone here know about truckstop hobo baths? That's when you stand shirtless in the truckstop bathroom and use wet paper towels and hand soap to refresh your goods. While using the hand dryer to dry your armpit, the janitor comes in and stares at you for a moment, shakes his head sadly, and leaves you to your mysterious, depressing business. You leave feeling cleaner, but dirtier.)

The next morning we left, bellies full, for Dallas, Tex., to stay overnight with some friends. Driving through Oklahoma, we discovered the state to be, mysteriously, on fire. Some of it was folks burning trash here and there, or campfires, but sometimes it was seriously entire fields on fire. Perhaps they were burning the crops so that the Huns would have nothing to eat after the invasion.

One other thing about Oklahoma: The type of pavement on their highways has seams every 10 feet or so. The entire state made the van lurch to and fro like an unbalanced washing machine. Pure motion-sickness heaven.

Through the smoke, Texas arose like a phoenix in the night and I have to say, people are nice here, the sunsets are pretty sweet and the roads are very smooth.

We've been tooling around Austin for the past few hours, getting a lay of the land and basically getting pumped up. Stay tuned for a super awesome play by play of the Austin Experience, TSS style!

— Mike, The Seedy Seeds

(photo: Brian Niesz)