One Hundred Percent Renewable Energy in Cincinnati?

Feb 6, 2012 at 12:33 pm

Today’s 1 p.m. meeting at City Hall could decide whether or not Cincinnati will be powered by 100 percent renewable energy as early as this summer.

According to Urban Cincy, the approval could make Cincinnati “the largest city in the United States to have its energy supply come from 100 percent renewable resources,” and could be established without much of a cost difference to taxpayers.

Cincinnati City Council is meeting to decide on how to move forward with the “Natural Gas Aggregation Program” and the “Electric Aggregation Program.” These programs, if approved, would automatically apply to all Cincinnati residents. In Ohio, local communities are allowed to pool together to buy natural gas and electricity and gain “buying power” to obtain the lowest possibly costs for the utilities. —-

If the council unanimously approves the effort at today’s meeting, requests for proposals could go out within the next few weeks.

Greenpeace, the oft-radical environmental organization, flew a 135-foot blimp over the Cincinnati skyline last Thursday during a preliminary Cincinnati City Council meeting to rally support for the plan. The airship’s banners read “Cleaner is Cheaper” and “Dump Duke Energy.”

Check back later for details on City Council’s decision.