Onstage: Collapse

Allison Moore’s new play, Collapse, is quite literallya play for our anxious times. Its four characters are each driven by some formof anxiety unlikely in previous generations. Moore has tapped

Feb 8, 2012 at 8:46 am
Annie Fitzpatrick and Brian Griffin in Collapse at Know Theatre
Annie Fitzpatrick and Brian Griffin in Collapse at Know Theatre

The literal collapse of an interstate highway bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis becomes the symbol and catalyst for the collapse of the lives of several people touched by the tragic event. In 2007 the structural failure of the span resulted in 13 deaths and 145 injuries. David was driving one of the cars that went off the bridge, and he’s suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.
His wife Hannah is suffering from her own forms of stress — coping with David’s depression, yearning to be pregnant, frustrated with her job. When her flaky sister shows up for an uninvited visit of indeterminate length, Hannah is on the verge of unraveling completely. Allison Moore’s new play, which she calls “a comedy of anxiety,” is a humorous but thoughtful exploration of crumbling structures — from bridges and the economy to personal relationships. Collapse is the kind of script that Know Theatre has been unearthing for local audiences, and this one is being staged by the company’s former artistic director, Jason Bruffy.  $18 ($15 if purchased in advance). Through March 3.

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