Opposites (Cuz 'n Jake) Attract

Jake Speed -

Jun 14, 2006 at 2:06 pm

Notes: While Cuz and I have our differences, we've never been ashamed to show undying and unconditional platonic love for one another. With the gay marriage debate back on the radar, we thought we'd address the issue by revealing the musical marriage we've shared as we unite in lyrical genius. We only pray that the law never takes away our right to join in matrimonious songwriting union.

You can see Cuz'n Jake live only ONCE per year. That chance takes place this Saturday, June 17, at 7 p.m. at the Southgate House in Newport for the 5th Annual RIVERTOWN BREAKDOWN. Find out about the other 17 bands at this Roots music fest by visiting http://www.RivertownBreakdown.com.

Opposites (Cuz'n Jake) Attract By: Chris "Cuz" Cusentino & Jake "Jake" Speed

Cuz: I like Will Jake: I like grace Cuz: I like wearing leather Jake: I like wearing lace

Cuz: I have a beard Jake: I have a soul patch Jake: My hair's combed Cuz: Mine's got naps

Jake: I drink beer Cuz: Me, I'm dry Jake: I like it sautéed Cuz: I like it deep-fried

My name's Jake My name's Cuz If opposites attract Then we're in love

Chorus: We're in love, we're in love My name's Jake, My name's Cuz We're in love, we're in love if opposites attract then we're in love

I like Star Wars Star Trek rocks I like Captain Kirk I like Chewbacca

I am single I have a wife I chat on Myspace I have a life

I watch Survivor I watch Lost I like keeping secrets I like getting caught


I like Madonna I like Cher I like Colby-Jack I like Camembert

I like whole milk I like skim I eat Tofu I like Slim Jims

I like Godzilla I like King Kong I like ketchup I like Grey Poupon