Peak Performance

Road to Wellness

Jan 25, 2006 at 2:06 pm

In my practice, I see many clients who wish to improve their performance in various areas: sports, music, public speaking, business, sales, school and so on. Usually they have the drive and/or ability to do much better than they have been, but there seems to be something holding them back.

They've found their "comfort zone" and, despite persistent efforts, cannot or will not move beyond it. Fears, doubt, negative self talk, negative self-image and other internal barriers to high achievement turn into self-sabotage and frustration.

It's necessary to address and release these blocks to becoming the best you can be as well as addressing the specific mechanics of your performance that need improvement. Here are some sample questions you can ask yourself to get started:

1. Fear of success or failure. What will the effects be in your life if you do succeed? Is there a downside or a "penalty" such as distance from loved ones, loss of love, more expectations/responsibilities or pressure to continue performing at peak?

2. Feelings of not deserving or not being worthy. Will your ego become too inflated? Were you taught that high achievement equates to showing off or being "better" than others or that you need to "know your place?"

3. Do you believe that any part of your goal or dream is not possible?

4. Being self conscious or body-conscious or worrying about others' judgment. Do you judge yourself harshly? Do you feel lacking in some area?

5. Were there any negative emotional experiences, perhaps earlier in life, that have created fears or limitations? Did you lack encouragement, or were you put down or criticized for your efforts?

6. Is there a part of your job or task that you dislike or feel uncomfortable doing?

After we discover the individual blocks, we use EFT (hypnotherapy and/or guided imagery) to release and then replace them with positive suggestions for optimum performance. A new and improved inner mental vision is the result, and this translates into self-confidence and achievement. And as all athletes/performers know, this mental/emotional edge can make all the difference!

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