Pearlene, Pickles and the New Holy Ghost

Jan 13, 2009 at 12:46 pm

With the departure of bassist Jesse Ebaugh (who joined The Heartless Bastards last year), it appears that local, critically-acclaimed Rock/Blues juggernaut Pearlene has retooled and become "born again" as Holy Ghost. According to a press release from Perkins Pickles (uh, more on that in a sec), drummer Andy Jody, singer/songwriter/guitarist Reuben Glaser and The Greenhornes' Craig Fox (playing bass, as he does with The Cincinnati Suds) make up the new band. —-(I predict a name change in the band's future, thanks to these guys and these guys. Google your new band name, folks!)

Now to the pickly part. Holy Ghost is set to perform a free show on Feb. 7 at Northside's Comet as a part of a launch party for Detroit/Chicago-based Perkins Pickles. The company is run by Tom Perkins, who ran the Tom Perkins Entertainment record label. That label released a single by a Cincinnati band called Geriatrix in 1999. So there's your local connection. Tom will be at the launch gig, which will see the debut of the company's pickles (and some free tuna fish sandwiches!). Those are some hip pickles.

The party is at 9 p.m. and will also feature music from White Girls and DJ Bryan Dilsizian.