Penguin Palooza

Jan 6, 2009 at 8:45 am

Even the Cincinnati Zoo is jumping on the cost-savings bandwagon and their “Bundle up and save a bundle” slogan tops their latest press release about Penguin Days.—-

“March to the Cincinnati Zoo and save a waddle of cash,” says the press release. “Experience cooler prices and even cooler animals during Penguin Days, with half-price Zoo admission every day and special animal encounters every weekend,”

Jan. 5 – Feb. 28 admission is half price. With regular admission of $13/adults, $9/children & seniors (2-12, 62 ) and children under two are free, 50 percent off is a pretty good deal. .

“Every Saturday and Sunday, guests can watch penguins, polar bears, snow monkeys and even elephants enjoy the winter weather in their own way during a variety of animal enrichment activities,” the press release continues.

And there are other regularly scheduled activities, too.

9:30a.m. Polar Bear Fish-Cicles  &  Lords of the Arctic

10 a.m. Penguin Encounter  &  Wings of the World

10:30 a.m. Seal Lion Treats Seal Falls in Children's Zoo

11 a.m. Elephant Fruit Ice Blocks &  Elephant Reserve

11:30 a.m. Snow Monkey Frozen Treats  &  Monkey Island

1 p.m. Insect Encounter  &  World of the Insect

1:30 p.m. Reptile Encounter  &  Reptile House

2 p.m. Manatee Toys and Treats  &  Manatee Springs

2:30 p.m. Feed our Hungry Goats  &  Children's Zoo Barn

3 p.m. Otter Treats  &  Children's Zoo

4 p.m. Penguin Encounter  &  Wings of the World

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