Perceiving Is Believing

Road to Wellness

You've probably heard the phrase, "You create your own reality." Well, what kind of world have you created? Is it fearsome, violent, dangerous, unforgiving, bleak or hopeless? Or do you see it as beautiful, orderly, logical and following divine purpose? These opposite views might as well be describing different planets!

Perhaps you've seen the inkblot that can be interpreted as a vase or face — both are true, depending on how you see it. How is our perception of the world around us and how we fit into it causing this to actually be our experience of it?

Whatever you put your attention and energy on tends to define your experience. Do you watch the news and focus on disasters, sickness, destruction, on the dark side? Have you been indoctrinated in fear by parents, authorities, religion or talk radio? Have you judged yourself or others as "good" or "bad?"

We tend to draw those experiences to us that validate our beliefs about our world. So if you believe that "everyone is out to get you" or "nice guys finish last," for example, you might find yourself in these situations just to make yourself right.

The universe (and by inclusion, our world) is in perfect order. Nature is efficient, wise and methodical. It can get along without man interfering and evolve beautifully. But all of us, with our diversity of experience, view our world through different lenses.

We can choose what we focus on, how intense the focus (the level of importance we give it) and where we direct our energy. Thoughts are things that we give life to, and we can transform our world with right thinking — make your mind up to put constructive, positive, loving thought energy out there. Acknowledge the dark side, but put your attention and energy on the light.

As each person makes the change and shifts their focus, we create and experience a brighter world.

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