Phratry Rides Again: New Ampline/Atomic Garden Split

Jul 28, 2009 at 5:16 pm

Phratry Records continues its recent seven-inch blitz with a new Ampline/Atomic Garden split single. —-

On the a-side, Cincinnati's Ampline offers "Our Carbon Dreams," a sturdy-like-clockwork stomp that has its origins in Fugazi or perhaps a darker Chavez and burns in the mathematical, post-Post-Hardcore style with which Phratry's imprint has become synonymous. The song is a calculated attack that evokes equal parts dragging gloom and dynamic, motorized propulsion.

Representing all those hard-rocking baguette chompers and cigarette smokers across the pond, France's Atomic Garden offers a radio-ready, Emo-inflicted pummel on the flip with "Step 3: Sonar System Overloaded." But you needn't be intimidated—they sing in English. I think. It's hard to tell. In any case, it doesn't really matter much, 'cause it's a catchy number. "Step 3," with its huge, splayed-out guitars and anthemic, hooky vocals, is a bit of a Pop tune in disguise.

The bands celebrate the single's release at a 9 p.m. show Thursday at the Southgate House with Disguised as Birds, Knife the Symphony and The Strongest Proof opening. Tickets are $5 (or $8 if you're aged 18-20). Then, on Friday, Ampline and Atomic Garden will embark on a nine-date tour covering various venues in key Southern states. Have a blast, gentlemen!

Check out Phratry's Web site for details on its other bands and latest releases.