Pizza Hut Is Run by D*@&s

Jan 9, 2009 at 1:46 pm

Some advertisers are evil. Its' true, we all can admit it. I'm sure Bill Gates thought that when the Apple people came after him. But Pizza Hut has not only taken evil to a whole new level and have managed to do it in a way that will probably get them less business. Check out this video.—-

I'm not sure if taking aim at locally-owned, non-chain restaurants is quite as effective as they think it will be. In fact, I hope this video gets so much bad press that people start doing this trick at Pizza Huts. Do you think the manager of a Pizza Hut will mind if I get some La Rosa's delivered to their store?

If someone sends me a video, I'll post it. I especially like the accomplice. Seriously ... the guy isn't even driving, he's just there for moral support. What bastards.

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