'Poo Butt': Ohio Rejected These Hilarious Vanity Plates in 2022

From "MILFD8R" to "MILFHTR," these rejected vanity plate applications in Ohio ran the gamut from hilarious to a bit, well, scary.

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click to enlarge From "UGH FML" to "DRG DELR" these 759 rejected vanity plate applications were deemed profane. - Photo: Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles
Photo: Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles
From "UGH FML" to "DRG DELR" these 759 rejected vanity plate applications were deemed profane.

Ringing in 2023, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles released its annual list of rejected vanity plate applications from 2022.

From "UGH FML" to "DRG DELR" the 759 rejected applications were deemed profane, obscene, sexually explicit, or meant to provoke a violent response or advocate immediate lawlessness.

Although sex and drugs were heavy hitters on the list, Ohioans covered plenty of territory in their rejected ideas.

In a year of war, political strife and global recession, it's perhaps unsurprising that applications featured, "H8FULAF", "IH8OHIO", "H8 MY ST8" and "H8URFCE".

The president was another prominent theme on the list. More than two dozen variations of "F*** Biden" made the list.

Dozens of scatalogical applications like "DOOKIE" or "POO BUTT" prove that, for some, bathroom jokes remain evergreen.

Perhaps the most common refrain was "AF." In 2022 Ohioans self-identified as "AMRCNAF", "LATE AF", "SALTY AF", "EVIL AF", "FINE AF" and more.

The entire list, from "MILFD8R" to "MILFHTR", except for those including racial slurs, can be found in a PDF supplied by WEWS-TV.

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