Preview: Assholes and Aureoles

They’d finally had it. Diane Kondrat and Karen Irwin, theater vets from Bloomington, Ind., got sick of seeing all the funny parts go to men. Collaborating with playwright Eric Pfeffinger, they took matters into their own hands.

As its colorful title would imply, the piece aims to tear down societal taboos and reexamine why we think, say and act like we do. Kondrat says the material simply reflects the world we inhabit, imperfect and ridiculous as it is. In the uber-PC world, it sounds timely. “Read the papers,” she says. “It’s terrifying! It’s laugh-or-cry time, and we opt for the former.”

Performed at New Stage Collective May 27 and 29 and June 2, 3 and 6 (see map of Fringe venues here)

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