Put a Chicken Ring On It

White Castle continues its annual Valentine's Day celebration

Treat your loved one like royalty this Valentine's Day by taking him or her to the castle — White Castle, that is. For about 20 years, the oldest fast food burger joint in America has pulled out all the stops on this special occasion. In a one-night-only celebration, White Castles get a makeover with pink and red decor, table cloths, candles, even table service and photographs. No, they don't make sliders of Kobe beef or serve your meal on silver platters, but for those who don't take this Hallmark holiday too seriously, it's the perfect way to pig out with your sweetie. You will need a reservation (seriously), so call 513-559-0575 ext. 14 to select a participating location and dinner time between 5-8 p.m.—-

Having spent last V-Day in the Newport Whities, I can attest to the hilarity of this tradition. The WC staff seemed nervous to have to actually provide some type of customer service, but did an OK job. There was a handful of couples and small families that filled the dining room — and a sleeping homeless person (which really made it feel like home). I suggest rounding up a group of friends, perhaps indulging in a little herbal refreshment, packing up something to spike your Big Red, and you're ready for the classiest of all dining experiences.

If it's been a while since you've gotten your slider on (then either you're a vegetarian, you're lying or you've blacked out your last trip to the drive-thru), White Castle has much more to offer than just soggy cardboard burgers. Current offerings include chicken rings and sandwiches, fish sliders and "nibblers" (last year, I witnessed a guest ask for tartar sauce and lemon for her fish and nearly chocked laughing), mozzarella sticks and now chili! Mmm!

There's only a few hours to go, so make your reservations soon. Go here for details on this "Hot & Steamy" (their words) event and here to relive my romantic evening last year at White Castle.

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