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In the breath there are lots of little messages that can both teach us and release us. Like unspoken emotion, these messages stay trapped until they can be expressed to guide you and guide your energies toward spiritual transformation.

Often the expression comes out in tears and other senstions related to deep-seated emotions. Perhaps they're not messages but long suppressed screams.

Yet there are also much more subtle messages trapped within. These messsages say, "Look over here. Look, there is something stuck here." And when we look sometimes we just find a small straw of tension. Then we think this can be overlooked, and we usually do, losing count of how often we do.

Often behind this small block is a large passageway, just as a regular door is the passage to a large warehouse.

A jumbo jet could be in there, but just this small door determines if you can let it out. The window might be the second thing we look to, then maybe even the pet door, but energy is really being blocked all around you everywhere. A single leaf can clog all your gutters, and a few hairs can clog your drain.

We think through our situation and try to handle it wisely, yet that's just working it out at one level. You might think the issue is resolved, but you're still tense. Why? Perhaps the issue is still locked into the body, and it must be released there, too. Otherwise these energetic remnants of all our issues, even those of the distant past, pile up endlessly. And sometimes it's not until we have a complete breakdown that they're released.

So the trick is to release them before they build up and weigh you down. But how do you know when a leaf is blocking the gutter, so to speak? Well, there are little messages that will come out elsewhere.

For one, you won't see much water at the end of the gutter spout. For example, you know you should be crying but you can't seem to find the tears. You live and walk under a constant dark cloud. The pressure mounts, and the dam is soon to break. Cracks appear in the walls of your being and begin to manifest in myriad ills.

In our bodies our sensations hold the messages. Our breath is the messenger, and our awareness is the translator. When breath and awareness of sensation come together, in relation to one another, they complete a circuit that begins to pull up the blocks constricting the flow of energy.

So if you're feeling really stressed or wondering where the tears are, stop, observe your breath, feel what's going on in your body and stay with it. Relief is on the way!

WILLIAM BRASHEAR is a Yoga Psychologist and owner of Cincinnati Yoga School in Blue Ash. He's been practicing progressive meditation since 1988 and gives lectures and instruction locally and internationally. Contact him at [email protected].

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