Review: Best Coast and Those Darlins in Columbus

Jul 25, 2012 at 1:16 pm

Seeing as Those Darlins cancelled their planned show in Cincinnati back in January and I couldn’t wait until Midpoint Music Fest to see Best Coast, I made the trek up to Columbus on Monday to see them together at Newport Music Hall. It was a great combination of bands with extremely strong lead women.

Those Darlins followed the first opener, Way Yes, a band totally focused around percussion. I was excited to see Nikki and Jessi Darlin again but was sad that Kelley is no longer in the band. Kelley Anderson, their bass player, has left the band to focus on other things such as her Southern Girls Rock and Roll Camp. While that’s totally admirable, her presence is definitely missed in the band. Their stand in bass player is great but doesn’t participate at all with the band in performing.

Jessi Darlin is an amazing performer and sang all of my favorites such as “Be Your Bro,” “Screws Get Loose,” “Funstix Party” “Tina Said,\” and a new track called “Why Can’t I?” Nikki sang a few songs too; most notably “You Give Me Hives.” However, it seems she traded in her retro-sounding rock songs like “Prank Phone Call” for more straightforward ’80s sounding rock songs. It wasn’t bad, — her voice is great but I missed the old sound.

Best Coast came out last, and Bethany Consentino is such a doll. She seemed way more relaxed than the last time I saw her, which was MPMF in 2010, and has become quite the entertainer. While she and Bobb Bruno make up the actual band, Best Coast the touring band is made up of and additional guitarist and drummer. The band sounded extremely tight and professional.

The first three songs they played were from their first album, which was awesome. When Bethany asked, “if they could play a slow song for a sec” I had to giggle because all of their songs are about two minutes long. She definitely is the queen of writing short but catchy love songs. They played an equal amount of songs from their debut album and recent album, The Only Place. Highlights included “Our Deal,” “Summer Mood,” “The Only Place,” “Crazy For You” and “Boyfriend.”

All in all it was a great show. If you missed out on it don’t fret. Best Coast will be in town in September for MPMF!